Will gold, silver bullion see severe shortages again? LBMA’s Ruth Crowell

With lockdowns resuming in Europe, concerns rise that London, a major vaulting center, will face logistical challenges in transporting and servicing gold and silver bullion, similar to what happened in March that led to shortages of the physical precious metals markets.

Ruth Crowell, chief executive of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), said that vaults and service providers are more prepared this time around.

“This is something we talk about in terms of potential market disruptions, and part of our role in terms of being that point of contact for the infrastructure providers here in London is talking to the vaults and the carriers about how are you ready…for COVID challenges as well as Brexit challenges. I think the overwhelming response is that they’re very prepared,” Crowell said. “And in some ways having had the challenges of the pandemic in March and April has made the market more resilient to those challenges up ahead.”

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