P.M. Update & Why Is The U.S. Mint Increasing Silver Eagle Prices to $67

In this week’s precious metals update, I explain what’s in store for the gold and silver prices over the next few weeks.  Also, we heard a lot of news last week that the U.S. Mint increased the price of its 2020 Silver Eagle to $67.  I discuss why the U.S. Mint is increasing the price of the 2020 Silver Eagle and if that is going to impact precious metals investors.

After the silver price shot up above $25 on Friday, what’re the technicals show for this week?  Well, what happens to silver will also happen to gold.  I see the metal prices continuing higher, but I still see a correction lower before moving up to new highs next year.

Also, it’s VERY IMPORTANT that you all understand what the Federal Reserve is planning for its new DIGITAL DOLLAR Policy, which I discuss in the Silver Member article.

If the Fed DIGITAL DOLLAR Policy gets passed, then we are talking about MASSIVE CONSUMER PRICE INFLATION coming our way.

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