Does Trump Actually Have The China Virus (Coronavirus)? This IS NOT A Conspiracy Theory!

Let us not forget what was said on February 12th…

By now, everyone knows the news:

The President and the First Lady have the China Virus, so he says.

But does President Trump actually have COVID-19?

I don’t know, I’m not privy to that kind of information, and only a very small number of people know what’s actually going on.

Here’s what we do know, and this is not a conspiracy theory, for this is a simple fact: The US Federal government told us they would be lying, deceiving, and doing a whole host of disinformation things during this pandemic.

But don’t take ‘Ol Half Dollar’s word for it, read it straight from the United States Military on February 12th of this year:

The U.S. Marine Corps is postured to mitigate, contain, respond to, and recover from the effects of a public health crisis, and is capable of conducting assigned missions in a pandemic environment.

That tells us we’ve got a lot of blanket statement, carte blanche stuff going on.

And we also have a lot of cross referencing to really get buried in the ambiguity:

The concept of operations in response to a viral disease crisis retains the phased approach structure outlined in NORTHCOM CONPLAN 3551, IAW reference I.

That’s a fancy way of saying, “in addition to all of the stuff we just said we’re going to do, we’re also going to use Playbook Blah Blah Blah”.

And that playbook, by the way, contains all sorts of asymmetrical tactics with regards to truth, lies, and propaganda, or, “Information Operations” as the US military puts it:

The bottom line is the US Military is telling us they’re planning on lying, deceiving, and, among other things, in their own words, using “Psychological Operations” during this pandemic.

And isn’t President Trump the Commander in Chief of Something Or Other?

Now, it’s not like nobody saw this coming.

I’ve said it a lot myself, with a recent example on August 17th:

Of course, in the example above, I’m assuming Trump is a “good guy” and the “bad guys are out to get him” as the shills, newsletter writers and YouTube pumpers like to say.

That said, in no particular order, let’s brainstorm a few things President Trump coming down with Covid-19 could end up meaning.


The Deep State Globalists can get the public to more readily accept Unconstitutional actions like mask mandates because, let’s face it, most of the people who protest the mask mandates are Red Hats, and the Deep State Globalists need all of the sheeple to go along with the loss of Freedom & Liberty and not just the Lunatic Left.

In other words, President Trump can play the whole, “geez, I guess I was wrong about the masks” card.


I could only stomach 18 minutes of this week’s “debate”.

And it didn’t even start at exactly 9:00 p.m. EST, so in “debate time”, I actually was able to stomach much less.

In fact, I called it a “You-Know-What Show” before the mainstream media did:

I Tweeted that personally, and just to be clear, that is my own personal opinion, and please excuse the offensiveness, but I was dang angry and downright disgusted!

let me sum up the World Wide Wrestlemania First Presidential Debate for you:

“Just shut up!”

“You shut up!”

“You better make me shut up!”

“Oh, I will make you shut up!”

“You can’t!”

“Can too!”

“Oh, Just stop it!”

“No, you stop it!”

Seriously, that was the first eighteen minutes of what can only be described as Bread & Circuses at its lousiest.

I mean, it was quite obvious during the debate that Biden indeed has major cognitive impairments, so anything more than 3rd-grade trash talk that couldn’t be masked over well enough with real-time audio-video editing, be it Stevie Boy’s hollywood FX, artificial intelligence, Deep Fakes, or whatever, um, well, yeah.

We can’t really have Brain-Dead Biden saying all that much in public now, can we?


I think Trump is a Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing, but some in the so-called “alternative media” think President Trump is still Deep State, but he’s a “good guy”, so to say, locked in a heated battle of Good versus Evil in general and fighting for the very Survival of America and/or the avoiding of Total Global Human Enslavement specifically.

I still think I’m right on this one, but he would still be expendable either way, so we’ll see.


Everybody is wishing Trump a speedy recovery, or a fast death, depending on whose Twitter feed one follows, but still, if President Trump does have a speedy recovery, he can come-out on top and say “it’s just like having a cold”, Just-The-Flu-Gate notwithstanding.


Those are just four examples, but there are tons more:

  • He’s trying to delay the election!
  • They are making him look weak!
  • They’re gonna declare him unable to perform his duties!
  • Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Here’s the overall point: Just like everything gets politicized nowadays, Trump’s coronavirus infection will get politicized too, so be very, very careful of what to accept as truth and what not to accept as truth because, well, if we know one thing, we know what the government said back on February 12, 2020.

Shameless plug time: Rob Kirby said a lot of interesting things just yesterday:

Thank you for your consideration!

The stock market is saying “Trump’s positive results are already priced-in”:

Seems legit, doesn’t it?

There isn’t even a spike in fear of real concern:

Does that mean market participants aren’t buying the news, or, in the case of the stock market, selling it?

Yield on the 10-Year Note is getting near the upper end of its allowable range:

What, did the intern in the basement of the New York Fed think he could just set the ‘buy’ order auto-clicker to ‘light’ and dip out early today or something?

The dollar shrugged at the news:

The chat huggers in general and the dollar bulls specifically are likely all giddy inside with the second higher-low now painted on the chart, but in the end, we might not even make it to 95!

After yesterday, a lot of people are beginning to think the bottom is going to fall out of copper:

Let us not forget, however, that Gresham’s Law is in fact a thing.

Crude oil does not benefit from such a status:

And speaking of the bottom falling out, barring a capital city in the Middle East getting nuked again, we could see the bottom falling out of oil as early as Sunday night.

Platinum’s got a text book break-out in the works:

The textbooks are junk science however, and have been for a very long time, so the thing to understand right now about platinum is this: Why would platinum not catch a flight to safety bid?

Palladium is up about a hundred bucks on the week:

For now, we’re right smack-dab in the middle of our sideways choppy channel.

The gold-to-silver ratio is pretty much where it started the week:

I still think the next big move is a drop in the ratio and not a surge.

Gold surged back to $1900 to finish the week:

Remember, Boris Johnson ended up in intensive care, so they say, and while next week is Golden Week in China, which is giving the bears all sorts of confidence in their calls, there could really be some fireworks between now and next week, especially if coronavirus complications emerge.

Finally, just a friendly reminder that silver is still a country mile away from all-time record highs:

Don’t let the bears fool you, for this is not a “dead cat bounce”, and if it is, then pounce.

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in early October?

President Trump has come down with the China Virus, so he says.

But we really don’t know just what exactly is going on here.

Don’t jump to any conclusions about anything, for now.

Instead, jump for joy for silver at stupid low prices.

Because they won’t be this stupid low for long.

You see, the cartel really has no honor.

They’ll go kicking and screaming.

And the more they do that.

The faster silver goes.

So buckle-up?



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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